Thursday, July 10, 2014

Racheal Awakened Preview

Racheal Awakened 
Daughters of Lilith 
Series Book 1
What if the stories of Lilith are wrong? What if she wasn’t the demon legend portrays, but instead, she and her daughters were here to suppress evil. Perhaps she walked away, instead making a bargain to free herself from a life she didn't want. To fight for mankind. 
Racheal is neither human nor demon, a child who must come to terms with who and what she is before she reaches adulthood. Taken prisoner and tortured by those she must fight, she is left broken, a shell of herself, at a time when the Templars and Church battle for power. Along with her family, she is here to purge the Fallen, those who want to put an end to humankind. Trapped by a choice she didn’t make, Racheal must find her way through the centuries, struggling to find peace.
Rafael, a dark-haired, golden-eyed Lycan, is ensnared by Racheal’s spell from the moment they meet. He tumbles into her world and finds his mate, only to have her reject him over and over. Sometimes patience can be a real pain in the behind, but despite it all, he can’t walk away from the red-haired beauty who holds his heart. 
Sometimes a bargain can be a double-edged sword and the price of freedom steep, yet this dark beauty is the key to it all. From her first steps outside of Eden, she knows this life is going to be a bitch. Undaunted, she is confident her Creator has her back… right? 
Kamuel is an angel sent to keep Lilith in line—teach her, train her, show her how to fight—but if she crosses the line, he must not hesitate to kill her. But it’s hard not to fall for the first woman. 
To read an excerpt from my book Please follow the link to Createspace previews. 
Look for Racheal Awakened in print shortly available on Amazon

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Thank you. 

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Remember our Vets This Fourth of July

      Tomorrow is the Anniversary of our nation’s independence, for many that means hanging out with friends and family. Going to the beach, boardwalk, or watching the many firework celebrations that take place on this special day. With our economy still not working well, it isn’t hard to think about the fight for freedom that our forefathers fought on our behalf. Nor is it hard to remember our soldiers who are still out there protecting us. Especially those infantry soldiers who face the beast of tyranny head on. There emotional and physical sacrifices keep us safe. So despite the fact that we have our freedoms still and are able to enjoy them, remember our vets, our soldiers, those who still are serving our country in our military. Their job is thankless, and one many of us could never do.

So take this message from a vet who has served.

     Next week, we'll mark the 238th year of our Nation's independence.  As you hang bunting and flags, fire up the grill, and enjoy the time off, I ask that you remember that our independence and the freedoms we enjoy today came at a price of blood and treasure.  There are many -- military and civilian -- who came before us to fight for our independence and defend it during the past two centuries.  So, on this Independence Day, I'd ask that you remember those who have gone before, but I'd also ask you to reflect on our freedoms that our country has earned and maintain them.  As recent world events show us, freedoms like ours are neither permanent nor guaranteed but they are always precious.
     Also, I'd ask you to remember that this holiday weekend there will be dedicated service members and civilians working hard and standing watch in defense of our country and all it stands for.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and, if you have the opportunity, thank them.  Pass this along.


For this 4th of July have a happy and safe holiday. 

Be sure to thank those who serve and protect our freedoms.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Sometimes You Reach Your Goals

     When you strive for excellence, sometimes you're fortunate enough to reach your goal. Two and half weeks and counting until graduation. It is both a beginning and an end. Even though I find myself happy that the rat race is over for now I know there is a part of me that will miss it. Rushing to class, staying up to do homework, each step part of a bigger picture.
     If I counted up all the times I asked myself what in the hell I was thinking I could probably circle the world. At forty-seven, I have reached the mark, sure it's taken me twenty plus years to get here. The point is I am here now, no longer afraid to stumble and fall. Freer than I have ever been in my life. I know not everyone will like what I write, but doggedly, stubbornly I will push on. Sometimes sharing a piece of myself, making you think, or just entertaining you.
     I've gotten past my girlie inclination to not offend, because I know at times I will. There will be challenges filled with ups and downs, as I rewrite parts of my novel. Post new articles on the blog, work at the store or just take care of my family. I am not different from anyone else, my flaws are many and my dreams as real as anyone’s.
     Going out with my husband the other night to pick up some paint and paneling for our son's room, we of course headed to the big orange box. I have to admit that although I hadn't been to the store in Manahawkin other than to dash in and dash out, I was touched to see and talk to old friends. Of all the stores, I worked in this one was truly my favorite. Not because the people are better, but because the people I was fortunate enough to work with were friends and for a short couple of year's family.
     I found myself smiling, peaceful as we left the store. For a few brief moments, I was taken back to a time when forklifts ruled and “Get it done!” meant something more. I found me, in that big orange box, my strength as a woman, along with my confidence in myself. Don't get me wrong, I was a work in process when I got there that first day over ten years ago. Yet, over the course of my time there, I was touched by many wonderful, caring, people who became friends.
     Life doesn't always let us look behind, letting us see the road we have traveled. I sit here tonight ready. Ready to take on my dreams and make them happen. Knowing I am stronger and hopefully wiser than when I started this crazy journey. There is no greater joy than finding what makes you smile, gives you peace, and lets you become whom you are meant to be.
     If I owe anyone a thank you, it's those people I have met along the way who’s kindness, and giving hearts made me who I am today. It could have turned out differently, I could be bitter, angry and vengeful over some of the roads I have had to travel. Lord knows the anger that boiled inside me when I first worked at the BOX,  was blunt, sharp, unwilling to take anyone’s crap I worked until muscles shook with the strain and exhaustion new me by name. Often so tired when I got home I wasn't sure I would make it inside. I know now had I not walked those paths sometimes veering off track for a moment or two I would not be me, I would not be complete or at peace.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness
       No means no! It may not be what someone wants to hear. But once uttered, it means stop! The month of April is the National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

     Rape, is something that has touched many lives. Its the dirty little secret, no one likes to talk about, even today. Yet 1 in every 5 women is sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. Many sexual assaults, still go unreported and un-prosecuted.

What is Rape?

What is Rape?                                                                      
Eternal heartache,
Innocence lost,
Never, regained.

 For what wasn’t stopped.
It is RAGE!
Burning, submerged within.

What is Rape?                                                           
 A scream, of anguish!
Hiding, concealed inside.
Silent sobs, hemorrhaging the soul.
Begging, for release.

It is He!                                                                                                  
Who refused to believe, NO!
Means NO!
As you screamed it!
Begging him to stop!

What is Rape?                                                                       
HE sneered in your face.
Those killing statements,
                                                “She knew what she was doing.”
                                                 “Look at how she dressed; what did she think would happen?”
                                                 “She asked for it!”

What is Rape?                                                                     
He, does not discriminate!
He, drips with voracity and lust.
He, likes women, children,
And sometimes men.

HE! Can be a friend,                                                                
Who doesn’t accept, you are not interested!
HE! Can be a relative, acquaintance, or complete stranger.
HE! Can be violent, without struggle,
As you lay, frozen inside!

What is Rape?                                                                      
Lies! Letting you think, it’s your fault.
Deceiving you, distorting the truth,
Until you believe the lie.

What is Rape?                                                                                             
A malignant germ of hate,
That must be crushed.
Disregard it,
And you will be devoured alive.

Sometimes that is enough,
To escape from its hellish chains.
Take back, what is you,
Break its hold.

What is Rape?                                                                       
It’s a sisterhood of many,
Who have walked the same road of, jagged broken glass.
You may look across a room one day,
And see that same anguish, staring you in the face.
That hidden torment, you think no one can see,
You will know,
You are not alone!

What is Rape?                                                                      
Sometimes, that is the only way, to heal.
It can be a judge and jury,
Who can never understand,
Just what! It has done to you!

Forgive YOU!                                                             
You!  Didn’t cause it,
You!  Couldn’t stop it,
When he took all control!

What is Rape?                                                                      
A poison devouring you whole
Eating away,
All hopes, all dreams.
Seek help.

What is Rape?                                                                       
A path crowded with bloody footprints.

Take back your life, find your peace,
Let go of the fear go.
Take back control.

Live, heal, learn to trust, THAT!                                       
Is how you pay back rape.
One step! One day,

One dream at a time.

For more information on Rape awareness Please follow the link to. 

Its More then Just a Dream

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