Friday, October 30, 2015

Trump Up CNBC in The Mud

The Outsider 
    The third GOP debate was a shining example of what happens when journalism goes awry. Journalists are supposed to be objective, removed from personal opinion, or political leanings. To report, not create news. From the onset CNBC baited, goaded, and tried to demoralize the ten candidates that appeared on the stage.

   Typically they haven’t stopped their hate fest over Donald Trump, and that isn’t truly surprising. Take a moment and ask yourself, though, why the establishment is going after Donald Trump so fiercely? Why members of the GOP are spending millions on negative ads? If he truly is an outsider candidate or the  joke they all pretend he is, then how could he be any kind of threat to them? After all, they are the establishment, those who know so much more than the rest of us. At least that is what they keep telling us.
     Whether you like him or not Donald Trump has brought some major issues to the attention of the voting public, from the mess our country is in over illegal immigration, to the danger of lobbyists and special interest (Super PACs) that back and eventually control candidates. He is correct to remind us that we are a nation of Laws ones we chose to follow. So why is it so politically incorrect to state the obvious? Why is it wrong to say that yes if you want to come here great but do so legally. Why wouldn’t anyone want the criminal element (from many nations) that have infiltrated this country illegally gone?
     Of the Republican candidates, I have watched with interest as they have tried to dismiss or ignore valid issues. I’ve had a few favorites including Huckabee, Kasich, Carson, Cruz, and Trump. Kasich lost me during the third debate when he chose to act like a petulant school boy pointing at his ideas claiming the other candidates weren’t dealing with reality. It was kind of sad and painful to watch, and frankly I expected better of him.
Rubio for all of his youth is no different from Bush, the fact that he was endorsed by the Florida Sun Sentential when he ran for the office of Senator and now doesn’t want to do the job he was hired for should give anyone serious pause. Jeb Bush was correct when he said you were hired to do a job, and you need to do it. He is the only candidate that truly lacks the life experience to do the job effectively. What happens if he becomes the President and decides it’s too hard, and he doesn’t want to do it? I know that didn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
     The real winner of the debate was Huckabee I can only urge the other candidates to emulate his ability to stick togeather. He showed himself to be a gentleman when asked a completely inappropriate question.
     If you look up on that stage another thing that should be coming clearer. Trump isn’t fighting but is uniting with the other candidates. You can see it in the subtle wink he gave Carson after slamming Kasich. In the kind words of Huckabee, even Cruz and Christie clearly respect Donald Trump.
     When he says, he is a unifier he isn’t joking. He showed us by taking on CNBC to shorten the debate to 2 hours with Carson. He called the debate what is was before it even began which was unfair. He made the one point he set out to do during the debate, which was about the Super PACs that control many of the other candidates. Hopefully, you too noticed the pregnant silence after those words left his lips. Super PACs are bad news, we cry and complain about our system not working well this is part of why it doesn’t work.
     There is a reason the GOP is desperate to get Trump out of the race, and a reason that establishment candidates are desperate to dismiss him.
     The great men in history (Political) where opinionated, narcissistic, groundbreaking Mavericks, they were willing to make sacrifices and upset the weak establishment. That is why history remembers them and why they where great.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Donald Trump and The Uphill Fight for President

Donald Trump
     For several months now I have watched like many Americans as Donald Trump has stormed the banks of the Republican National Party in his bid to become our next president. One would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see that the media is not his friend. Although they do avidly engage, as those who believe in his message, their biased contempt for him is unapologetic and unprofessional. Rule number one for any journalist is to report the facts and do not take sides, yet this is exactly what they have done.
     Eager for the revenue he and his events bring, the media greedily hurries to follow his every move and then sits back and criticizes him with scathing commentary that would have a Diva bawling for mercy. Donald Trump is many things; admittedly not all good, thin-skinned however is NOT one of them.
You know the mean girl,eyebrow raised and I got ya look. 
Always has her own agenda
and wants to hit below the belt.
From the onset, he was mocked, ridiculed by the very journalists who have put both microphone and camera in his face for the past 30 years. The media has steadfastly refused to treat him as a candidate despite the tens of millions of dollars he has lost in personal endorsements and business revenue due to his entering this race for president. During the first debate with a decidedly “Mean Girl” look, Megan Kelly asked by implication about his negative stand on women and his ongoing fight with Rosie O’Donnel would make him a good president. Trump answered and then shot back via Twitter after the debate fighting back in one of the few methods available to him for an inappropriate question. (Not a bad move.)
     Despite the media’s ongoing mockery, critical reporting, and contempt, Donald Trump has thus far prevailed. Gaining supporters across the country from people who are fed up with opinion journalism and a president who has openly apologized to the world for no good reason. Between Hillary and her multitude of scandals that have been wiped under the carpet, and an overabundance of executive orders by the current president it is little wonder that Trump stepped up to the plate. To be blunt, we need someone with a pair in the white house who is willing to fight for all of us.
     No man is perfect, but Trump has brought to the front the real issues that are on all of our minds. As parents, voters, and as citizens of this country we all can see that things need to change. Donald Trump has an actual plan, not the same old rhetoric that comes out of career politicians like Bush, Christie, and Rubio. Jeb Bush stood on a stage in front of 24 million viewers and said, “My brother kept us safe.” I disagree.
     Donald Trump has it right in this you have only to listen to his words. The then president handled a bad situation; he didn’t protect us because the reality is 9/11 happened. People died in New York, and on two separate planes that crashed because of terrorists. As someone who grew up 20 minutes from New York, the attack of 9/11 devastated us all and for many it was much more personal.
      History has told us at least 6 of these terrorists were here illegally, because of laws we chose not to enforce. That isn’t a reflection on how the aftermath was handled, or how President Bush dealt with the events as they unfolded. I do think he did us all proud, but more importantly we as a country pulled together and helped each other. We wept, we prayed, and we rebuilt making sure to remember those who perished. That is what makes America great, we know how to pull together.
     With all the unrest and damage, our current president has created in the Middle East and here at home we are at a precept looking over the cliff at this very moment. We need someone who isn’t afraid to take control, to be strong. If we are going to get through this and survive as a country, it is imperative we make some hard choices. We need someone like Donald Trump, and I say that as an opinion. What we don’t need is someone who is going to drag us right back into the same political elitist mess we must all currently deal with as those in Washington bleed our country dry for their personal gains.
     Trump was smart enough to use the web to reach Americans. Like a chess player, he has made smart moves minimizing his spending to reach his goal. That for me is someone I will sit up and notice. I can only hope that the News Media will grow up and stop being so thin skinned, the world we all live in is not the fantasy they keep pushing. Instead of acting like a group of church ladies scandalized by every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth try doing your job. Report the news without your opinion or your company’s political leanings.
     The world is much harsher than that and candidates like Donald Trump & Ben Carson understand the truth or they wouldn’t be running for president. People don’t turn away from what they love to do something that is going to be hell on earth for them unless there is a greater reason. Perhaps it is time for the media to put their big boy pants on and admit that these candidates are here to stay and need to be, because the status quo won’t work anymore.

     Trumps popularity isn't deminishing. Despite the media and the GOP, in fact its growing. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Page Turning Conversation with Author Jack Night

Where Horror Begins 

Jack Night
  It is rare that I find myself so intrigued by an author. In the case of  Jack Night, I did and found that I had to read everything thing he had written to date. For me, that's rare, if it’s a series, sure but not when it’s a stand-alone novels or novella.
     “The Dead of Winter” grabbed my attention, from first glance. It was something of nightmares that I felt compelled to delve into.  Going a little further I read the blurb & back jacket of the book and found myself wanting to read more in this story. Anyone who knows me knows horror is not my forte as a rule, but there was something unique and special about this book. It became my guilty scary pleasure as I got to know the characters and the horrors unleashed on them. You are immediately drawn into his nightmare by the striking cover, and find yourself wanting more. Names like Stephen King, Blake Crouch come to mind when I think of his style of writing.
The Dead of Winter
     Jack Night was born in Kansas and settled in Florida with his family at age three. It was there he attended college at Full Sail University in their film & video program before heading to Los Angeles to join the ranks of those working in the film industry. He found himself working at everything from script reader for a studio, to being a paid screenwriter and associate producer on a film that included Gwyneth Paltrow. After several years of working inside the Hollywood industry, he returned to Florida ready to commit to his writing full time and graphic design.
     His love for writing, that he shares with many writers out there, was something he has always done, it’s a passion. In school, it was a way to distinguish himself, which helped him realize that this was something in which he excelled. He is also a voracious reader and found a connection to both Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King, which helped him find his way into horror.
      I asked him, how he came up with his ideas?
     “I find my ideas everywhere and in everything around me. I keep a list on my phone of all the random things that occur to me or things that might pique my curiosity.” Some examples of this are Morgellon’s disease, Mel’s Hole, and the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblin case. These stories where the inspiration for his book "Starvation Assembly". 
     “My ultimate goal as a writer is to take the nice normal world you find yourself in on a daily basis and start showing you the tiny cracks in the fa├žade. the little places you don’t notice, and the shadows where there might just be monsters hiding.”
     For such a detailed writer, he restricts his research on a subject to getting a few snippets of detail not wanting to get bogged down in too much research. For Jack, the story is the most important thing. He elaborated on this point,
Coming Soon
            “I’ve found that when I do research sometimes extensively first, very little of that ends up in the narrative. For my current novel, "The Space Between," suicide is a very major factor so as I’m writing parts of that I’ll stop to read up on things like, the state of a body after carbon monoxide poisoning (a horror writer’s internet search history is NOT a pretty thing) but once again I only need a certain level of realism.”
        I found myself agreeing with much of what he had to say about his process. New writers can all too often get lost in the details forgetting that it is a story and not a history lesson or nonfiction.
     One of the questions I was able to ask Jack was about his storyline and if he preferred the longer story as in a novel or the shorter versions of a novella or short story. Again his answer was well thought out and made some good points new authors may want to head.
        “The novella I believe, is a bit of a compromise. There are certainly plenty of diehard readers out there that would love to tackle a longer novel, but with so many other things competing for everyone’s attention these days, it’s beginning to seem that a large portion of the reading audience would like something a little more in the middle, like a novella.” 
People of The Static
      Regarding publication the question came up of whether to self-publish or follow the industry publishers. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by his articulate answer. When Jack was ready to publish his first book, the self-publishing industry was showing promise with some early success stories. He had also heard a few horror stories concerning one of the major horror publishing houses in the industry that helped make his decision. Since he did his cover art, writing and intended to handle his self-promotion he opted to self-publish. This has allowed him the ability to retain the full rights, royalties, and control over his publication schedule.
     He does point out that he uses the services of a good editor that he was able to connect with at one of the horror writer’s conference specifically KillerCon in Las Vegas. Jack also advised that for any author the writer’s convention have a purpose and he recommends committing to going to at least one a year.
     It’s an excellent way to meet other peers in your genre and connect with individuals who provide services such as editing, cover art, etc. In my own journey, I’ve found listening to panels of guest authors, and informative speakers at such conferences both inspiring and useful.
     The self-editing and editing process seems to be one area where writers will vary. Some writers get caught in this trap throwing away pages of work for no good reason. The hard part is when to know that we are doing more harm than good.  When to double check ourselves and when to just leave it alone. His advice on the subject is this.
     “Typically I’ll go through the entire thing for one or two rounds then I’ll send it off to my editor. Once I receive his edits and notes, it’s usually one more solid round of editing, and then I’m done. I know that I have a tendency to be too much of a perfectionist so I have to make myself stop and let it go at a certain point otherwise I’ll be whittling away at it forever, it’ll never be perfect, and eventually I’ll probably do more harm than good.”

Starvation Assembly

One of the last questions I had for Jack was what one piece of information would he give to those who read and love his books?
     “If I could tell my fan base one thing, it would have to be that I would love more interaction. Yes, I write for myself to a large extent but hearing from my readers is honestly what pumps me up and keeps me motivated to keep writing. Amazon reviews are probably the easiest way to give me feedback or to even let me know that people are reading and enjoying what I write. . Even beyond the Amazon reviews you can send me an email, leave a comment on the blog, or even hit me up with a comment or message on Facebook. I’m going to push for a lot more interaction with my readers this year. The more I hear from and know about my fans, the more I can deliver the kind of stories they want to read."
     It is important to hear from your fans. Those reviews left on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble’s make a difference to writers. Why? Because many authors do read them, we want your impute. We like knowing when we are doing something you like, what characters you connect with and what ones you hate. As writers, the fans are the ones who keep us going in a job that is pretty much a solitary profession.
     This last bit is for writers, we each have our own habits and tricks we use to write. For some its music, location, time of day what works for you?
   “I suppose I tend to keep the same writing hours and location but these days that location has gone from having an actual office set up to mostly writing from the couch. Probably the one thing that I always do before getting very far into a project is to create a cover. There are way more completed covers than finished manuscripts at this point but for me nothing makes the story more real than having that cover image to re-inspire me and to show around to other people.”
     His advice to new authors just starting out?
     “First and foremost if you’re an author just starting out, WRITE! Writing is the only way to perfect your craft and find your voice. You can study up on the details of it all you want, but the only thing that will make you better is to sit down, pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and write. My next piece of advice would be to treat it like a job. If writing is something that you would like to do long-term, then you need to approach it that way.
        The image of writers sitting around in coffee shops and scribbling away madly on napkins when inspiration strikes is, of course, a lovely one, but it’s not reality and it’s not sustainable. You show up for work every day, you sit down at the keyboard, and you write, lather-rinse-repeat. If you only have a limited amount of time then some days you’ll only get a page done, some days it may be ten. The point is that you’re creating a routine that will help you create.”

Some additional links for more about Jack Night and his books all three are currently available on Amazon

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

To Mom, Where it Not For You 
     To all the mom’s out there who get up each morning to make sure your kids have breakfast and a lunch to take to school. The moms who go to work when their sick because they know they need to save those days for when the kids are sick and need them more. Thank you, for your sacrifice, you give without question or demand. To you, there is no greater joy then the feel of your child’s arms wrapped firmly around your neck in a hug. 
     To the mothers who never stop, never quit, on their kids, no matter how much heartache or disappointment they may give us. You love without question.
      Your grace and beauty under such pressure is to be admired. To the moms who have sat up, watching the clock until their children are safe at home. You deserve to be acknowledged and thanked for being there. 
For eve time, you have had to come to the rescue, either to rush, some forgotten item to school or to pick up a teenager because it wasn’t safe for them to drive home. Thank you. 
Your patience under even the hardest circumstance is to be respected and admired. For the many years of selfless love, sacrifice, and caring. Thank you. 
     You know who you are. Sometimes you’re going it with a husband by your side. For others, it’s a long lonely road that is gladly traveled for those we love. Thank you. 
     For the mothers, who have passed on leaving a legacy, of their love behind. In life, your selflessness showed us how to love. Thank you, for the time we were blessed to have you in our lives. 
     Please take a moment to thank all the beautiful mom’s in your life today. Let them know that what they do matters. Let them know how proud you are to have them in your life, even if they aren’t your mom. 
      It is easy to forget all the things mom does. We take for granted their selfless desire to put our happiness first. Moms aren’t always limited to one person; sometimes we are lucky enough to have several women who play this role. Women who help shape who we are, being role models, guides or friends.

      So please take a few moments out of your day and reach out to share your love with them and say Thank you. 
     I wouldn’t be who I am if you had not been in my life and shown me what it means to be a mother. Thank you!

Thank you to all mothers today, 
this is your gift your day.   

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