Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Shutting it Down Until it’s Over

     In my own view, not unlike millions of Americans we feel like we are watching a political nightmare unfolding. This post is neither Democrat nor Republican based, but instead is American based. I cannot convey how truly disgusted I am with both of our political parties, the mainstream media, the many talking heads that show up on TV day after day. Openly displaying a collusion in our political process without remorse.
     Now that isn’t to say that on both sides there hasn’t been a swell of inappropriate comments, bashing, slandering of the other side. I will say there have been many truths revealed for us all as Americans to review and make our decision regarding which direction we want America to go. The die-hard elite Republicans are holding out hope that they can recover in 2020. The reality is at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what Donald Trump said, or what Bill & Hillary Clinton did. We all are sitting on the edge of changing our country one way or the other for good.
     One direction we will lose our sovereignty as a nation and become part of the global world. That is one plan, and I can only urge anyone who feels OK with that to go online and look, really look at what is happening in Germany, Sweden, France and other countries. If we surrender our boarders we will truly be giving up our independence as a nation and it will change this country forever. This isn’t an argument about race, gender or nationality but about who we as a people chose to become. If your OK with that, if you can live with that then its your choice.
     In the other direction we are taking a chance on something different. Not unlike Brexit this election for the other choice is about holding on to who we are as a nation. Keeping the very Constitution, and Bill of Rights our forefathers fought so hard for sacred. Because in reality that is what is at stake. Holding onto the checks and balances that keep us an ever changing country. 
     This isn’t an election about wall street verse the average person its much bigger than that. It’s about changing the dynamic of our country for generations to come. Changing the course, we are on for good. For anyone who is still in doubt and thinks we are still a two party system look closely. Look at the choices our representatives are making. They don’t benefit us as a society. They don’t actually make our lives better.
     So for me I have reached my limit. I am turning off the TV, I’ve seen enough of the talking heads and realize we can’t really trust anyone in the News media any longer. Every one of them is being manipulated and maneuvered to portray a reality that isn’t even real. Wiki leaks dumped its 3rd batch of real documents for people to see because they have religiously guarded their reputation for printing only factual documents I am not in doubt that what is being released is real. What I’ve seen is a government, and system that is so corrupt and putrid I am personally sickened by it, I honestly don't know how the rest of our country isn't.
     I will be voting on November 8th for the candidates of my choice. After this election I will no longer be a Republican nor will I be a Democrat, neither party is worthy of my support or time. My only advice to anyone out there who cares to listen is turn off the TV. There is information out there if you’re not afraid to look for it, it may shock, or sicken you but I personally will no longer be lead one way or the other by the talking heads of our corrupt system. I will be voting on the issues that matter to me and who best represents them. 

     On a side note anyone out there who does not understand that  Soros is nothing less than a Nazi trying to change the world for the worse is a blind fool. This is an evil man, who did work for the Nazi’s that in itself should be enough to make you think twice. That he betrayed his own people & is now trying to corrupt our process should terrify you.  

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump Old News is New for Some

So, everyone and their brother are hot and bothered over Donald Trump making some objectionable comments 11 years ago, in private, to another man. Of course the media is all over this, that is their MO. Ignore the 2000 emails released regarding real corruption and focus on Trump with feigned outrage because he used some dirty words & was lusting after a woman.
News flash, if you are so hot and bothered about objectifying women then “Hey Fox”, yah better pull Empire off the TV because Lucious Lyon got a hummer on national TV from his assistant. Then his wife got hers from the UPS delivery guy. Of course we can include Sex in the City, and let’s not forget Katie Perry, Miley Cyrus, who regularly put out sexually explicit songs and videos. We won’t even touch on rap music or rock where unless you’re degrading women or killing people you’re not cool.

     “Am I the only one who sees the complete hypocrisy of any news outlet pretending outrage after ignoring the Bill Clinton Rapes 20 years ago? Or their covering for and dismissing of the many political sexual misconduct allegations of our politicians? “
     Donald Trump is not unlike millions of other males in the world. He talks trash with other men, most of the male population does. Its only when their own dirty little secrets come out that the outrage gets brushed under the carpet. What is fundamentally wrong with the Republican party is that there is no actual loyalty unless you’re an elite. Democrats, I will give credit to they stick together and actually defend each other no matter how dirty one of them is.
     Now here’s the reality check, does any of this crap change my vote? No it doesn’t. Why you may be asking yourself, because we need an ASSHOLE in chief who is able to deal with all the evil that is out there and Donald Trump has proven he is capable of doing so. He has my support because that is what we need.
      Washington is corrupt, the DOJ is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the media is corrupt, and both political parties are as dirty as you can get. We have ISIS breathing down our necks, politicians pushing for a new world order that we are supposed to give up our sovereignty for. Illegal immigration is strangling everyone in this country, & our faith is under a genocidal attack. That includes, Christians, Buddhists, Jews & Mormons. There is a religious war going on and we need to wake up.

      I don’t care what Donald Trump said in private because the reality is when he got off that bus he was both courteous and a gentleman to the woman who escorted him inside.  He didn’t grope her, or force her to do anything. 
No one alive today is stupid enough not to know that when you’re a rich celebrity & at the time he was many temptations are readily available. No one is perfect, and to the Republican rats out there Ryan, Chaffetz, & others, your disloyal and weak and don’t deserve our support as voters. I know I won’t vote for a weak two-faced candidate and I hope you won’t either. But I will be voting for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Attention All Trump Supporters Listen UP IMPORTANT!!!

Its now or Never..
Attention All Trump Supporters Listen UP Its WAR!
We all can see what is currently going on in Washington within the Establishment. They have decided to target our candidate, not just a couple of super-pacs but en-mass. So here is the way I see it and I hope you will agree and retweet this post to Donald & the Trump team so they know we are on their side. Retweet it over and over so we can let him know we support him. 
Never before in the history of this country has our liberty been more at risk. The Washington Establishment, Conservative Elites, Big donors, Lobbyist’s, Media, Mitt Romney, & Paul Ryan have all teamed up to pile drive our pick. Not fair odds by any standard which I think we can all agree. It’s time to untie Donald’s hands and let the dogs of war go after these jerks.  
Time to unleash the dogs!
So please let us all tell Donald it’s time to allow a super Pac to support him. We know there have been a few that he has asked to disband. It’s time for Donald’s friends to pull together for him to put their money where their mouth is and take out these jerks. 
There is no person on this earth who doesn’t have some kind of past, and I will be the first to admit Trump isn’t perfect but he is our candidate. Our choice. Cruz and Rubio have pulled dirty tricks, implying vulgar things. Things I know truthfully most men would not stand for without defending. Women well we don’t really care if someone questions our womanhood. That isn’t what politics is about and it shouldn’t be. Cruz is bad news, but let’s be honest here they aren’t going to allow him to have the nomination either. It is just how corrupt things are in Washington. You have had countless people come out and say the same thing. Time to wake up. So I am asking you to band together, to let Mr. Trump know unequivocally we want him to allow super Pac’s to support him. Allow them to do the dirty work and go after these dirty & corrupt system. We all know Trump is Trump he won’t bend a knee to any special interest. The man is just to ornery for that. But Cruz will, he is indebted up to his eyeballs. 
Please take a screen shot of this post, and send it to everyone on Trumps team. Tell him, “Time to unleash the dogs Sir. Time to give em hell as we take our country back. No mercy now.”  
God Bless Our Vets & the ones in your life.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump Supporters Beware The Dirty is Going to Get Messy

When little known Chris McDaniel beat entrenched republican senator Thad Cochran in the first Mississippi primary of 2014 it triggered a series of events that became known simply as “Mississippi ’14“.
The entrenched DC republican elite developed a plan to destroy McDaniel before the run-off primary.  They decided to call McDaniel a racist, pay for print and broadcast attack ads, request help from black Mississippi pastors, and pay Democrats, preachers and voters to vote in the run-off election.  Republicans in DC attacking a republican outsider.
Their Machiavellian plan worked.  In the run-off Chris McDaniel again beat Thad Cochran with republican voters, but the paid-to-vote Democrats lifted Cochran back onto the throne in the elite Republican Chamber.
Against the desperation of a South Carolina victory for Donald Trump, and now a Nevada victory for Donald Trump, the DC Republican team have re-enlisted the exact same players to roll out a similar nuclear attack approach against the ‘outsider republican’.
Appearing on Bloomberg News the former Mississippi architect, Stuart Stevens, and Mississippi financier/bag-man, Henry Barbour, who carried out the Mississippi Strategy – openly admit their intent to use the same level of vitriol to remove Donald Trump.
stevens - halprin - barbour
(L-R) Stuart Stevens – Mark Halprin – Henry Barbour
See the Video Here (at 23:10) as Stuart Stevens and Henry Barbour are assembled again to discuss the process of “taking down Trump”.  Stevens fully admits to the Mississippi 2014 strategy and how it will work in 2016 against Donald Trump.
So how do they do it?  Simple, it’s war – a thermonuclear political war.  There are no boundaries, there are no rules, there is nothing too far, there is nothing held back.
They run attack ads, they’ll shout names and make up malicious smears; they’ll follow the candidate around to make noise at rallies; they lie about anything and everything; they’ll pay anyone and everyone to assist, and they don’t care if the high-information voter knows what they are doing; it’s all part of the overall scorched earth plan.
They’ll pay people to do and say anything, ANYTHING.  Winning is all that counts.  Destroying the opponent is all that matters. Every means justifies that end. Period.
The GOPe have already hired actresses and actors to appear in the attack ads and to make personal appearances, as actors, during Trump events.   The hiring agency is Talent Direct Agency (TDA) – The actors and production teams are working out the script details right now.
More than likely the construct begins tomorrow with the CNN debate.  Expect a full media assist from an ideological corporate media empire who also has skin in the game and corporate ownership who also see candidate Donald Trump as a risk.
A thrilled attendee for the bloodbath, NRO’s Charles Cooke, puts it this way:
[…]  Tomorrow night, as they stand on either side of Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz must find their resolve and all-but-machine-gun the man to the floor.
charles cooke
This loser isn't even American or a citizen.
Without breaks for water or silence for applause, they must explain that Trump is an entitled mess whose business record is so questionable that he managed to bankrupt a casino; that he is an unashamed fraud who didn’t even wait to be elected president before folding on Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, exactly like the “feckless” Congress he is running against; that he is feigning religiosity to appeal to people he believes are rubes; and, above all, that whatever he may be pretending now, he has spent a lifetime screwing the little guy.
They must repeat verbatim his previous words on amnesty; they must outline in detail how his policies will make life worse for everyone; and they must point out that a Trump nomination designed to “mix things up” will result, eventually, in more of the same.
In the meantime, conservatives who are not running for president must ensure that every spare dollar is spent attacking Trump. Melt down the fences if you have to; we need long-range bombers here.
If Donald Trump can flood the airwaves with his nonsense, his opponents can counter it incessantly. And while they are at it, they can tie him up in court, just as he’s trying to do to Cruz. There are a good number of “just asking” questions ready to be put to them, among them “Trump’s mother was Scottish, can he really be president?” and “Trump ran a host of scams designed to rip off the poor; surely one of them would like to sue him?”
Thus far, part of Trump’s media strategy has been to say something outrageous and then to move on before it can be rebutted or fact-checked. Why are his rivals not doing the same thing to him? Why, moreover, are the men in charge of the big guns all-but flirting with the snipers on the other side?  (read more)
Perhaps now you can better appreciate why Mitt Romney is joining the effort and throwing anything against the wall to see if it will stick:
On Wednesday’s “Your World” on FOX News, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told Neil Cavuto that Donald Trump’s tax returns may prove he hasn’t been honest about his money.
Romney suggests the bombshell could include him lying about his wealth or that he has not made all those charity donations he claims to have made.(link)
You see, it doesn’t actually matter if there’s any truth to the claim, the goal is to create an absurd hurricane wind of inbound attacks driven with increasing ferocity by the corporate media who will demand the candidate to respond.
In Mississippi 2014 Chris McDaniel was not racist, nor was there anything remotely linking him to anything racist; the goal is to push the candidate away from their campaigning, the truth is irrelevant.
Once the GOPe force the candidate away from campaigning, then they begin selling the false story and using the actors/actresses, or preachers, to deliver an outcome.
By the time the next debate on Fox comes around, well, it’ll be peak DEFCON-5 thermonuclear political button pushing because, quite simply, they have nothing to lose.

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